Adir control - a leading engineering company

Company Profile
Adir Control Ltd. Is a leading company that provides solutions in the control, automation and communication sectors for different sectors of the industry, from the chemical industry, to the food industry, to the electronics industry. The service the company provides is available in Israel and abroad, is valued on the order of millions of dollars, and includes a variety of fields for which the company provides services: planning of electrical systems, writing programs for programmable controllers and HMI systems, definition and maintenance of control systems, writing FDS (Functional Description), providing control equipment, implementation of projects, installation of communications networks and more, the services are provided while providing constant guidance, support and maintenance.

The Company’s Professional Team
The key people at Adir Control have vast knowledge and experience in many fields, including: automation, HMI systems, computers and communications networks, electrical installation, project management, programmable controllers and more. The company is headed by Shmuel Mosacho and Haim Varsano, who have amassed, each on his own, more than 25 years of experience in the field while they served as technical managers, development managers and project managers for the leading control and automation companies in Israel.
The company’s professional team includes engineers and program control engineers, HMI and computer engineers, who have experience in a variety of previous project management positions, service plans, tutorials, sales and programming. All being the best among the professionals in the field.

Vision and Business Values
The company’s main goal is to provide its customers with a variety of high quality and reliable products and services, while aiming to be the leading company in the control and automation solutions field in Israel.
In order to do this, the company bases itself on a number of important business values, which serve as guiding principles:
Professional responsibility-As the exclusive representative of the German Pilz Company and the official integrator and vendor for the Siemens Israel Company, Adir Control Ltd. believes that it owes great responsibility to its clients, and is committed to providing them with the highest level of professional and high quality service.
Innovation and Quality – Adir Control Ltd. is committed to providing innovative solutions, which are characterized by advanced technology, as well as, the company’s products which belong to the best brands in the world, each being personally customized for the demands of the clients and their needs.

Efficiency and Flexibility The company’s products are provided to the client in record time, while still sticking to timelines, being committed to financial goals which have been planned in advance and maintaining a high level of performance. Similarly, the company strives to provide its clients with comprehensive solutions in order to provide its clients with a full and complete solution.

Adir Control Ltd.Satisfied Customers
Adir Control Ltd. stands behind the planning and construction of tens of automation systems from many leading manufacturers and clients in Israel and abroad in the water supply, food, pharmaceutical, communications, electronics and microelectronics industries. Among the company’s satisfied customers are: Tnuva Dairy, Agan Chemicals, Intel, Haifa Refineries, Hazahav Mall in Rishon L’Zion, Dead Sea Works, the Israeli Ministry of Defense, the Israeli Electric Corporation, the Italian Pirelli company, DRIAM (Germany), IDE (Australia), SIEMENS (Germany), Nestle Ice Cream, Teva and many other great companies.


Ambassadors for safety

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