Ambassadors for safety
Complete one-stop solutions for safe automation
Faster, more flexible, safer – the level of automation on plant
and machinery continues to advance in all industries with
these objectives in mind. This places new demands on
production systems. As a complete supplier for control and
safety technology, Pilz is a company, whose name is
synonymous worldwide with safety for man, machine and the
environment, providing one-stop automation solutions for all

expert with the complete package
Following a clear strategy, the company has consistently developed into a complete automation solutions supplier – control and safety technology are intelligently dovetailed. Many years of experience and extensive knowledge from the field of
safety technology are being transferred to the requirements of general plant and machinery control. The benefit for customers: customised, one-stop automation solutions.Evidence is provided by theautomation system PSS4000, zlaunched by Pilz in 2009, which is designed for all automation tasks and supports users all the way through the engineering process, from start to finish.The product range also includes sensor technology, electronic monitoring relays, safety relays, programmable control systems, industrial communication systems, automation solutions with motion control and operator terminals. Pilz system solutions are used in all areas of mechanical engineering, as well as the automotive, food and woodworking industry. Products from the technology leader also guarantee that baggage handling systems run safely at airports, theatre scenery moves smoothly and funiculars or roller coasters travel safely

Safety for the environment too

Safety for man, machine and the environment – the company
wants to contribute to this motto not just through its products and solutions but also through its actions. The issue of environmental protection is firmly anchored in its corporateobjectives: from the development of energy-saving products to
the ecological design of buildings through to environmentallyaware work practices. There are many examples: converting from lead-based to lead-free solder, installing a photovoltaic plant or reducing lighting in production – all these measures
help to relieve the environment. “As ambassadors for safety our aim is to improve the safety of man and machine worldwide”, says Renate Pilz, summarising her
company’s mission. “That includes the environment in which we live and work

Products / systems

-Sensor technology (safety bolts and switches, optoelectronic
protective devices, safety gate and camera systems)
-Electronic monitoring relays
-Safety relays
-Configurable and programmable control systems
-Systems for industrial communication (safe bus and
Ethernet systems, plus wireless systems)
-Motion control (control systems, servo amplifiers, motors)
-Operator terminals
-Control and signal devices