Tnuva Dairy – Program development, process-control and shipping

Tnuva, which is a holding company in the dairy industry in Israel, operates a number of divisions for which Adir Control Ltd. was involved in their continual function. Among these divisions were:
Rehovot Dairy Farms, Tnuva Tene Noga and Tel Yosef Dairy Farms.

As a part of the collaboration between Adir Control, Tnuva and the Swedish Tetra Pak company, which has been around for over twenty years, projects are carried out in the process-control and shipping field, as well as development and establishment of different types of pasteurization systems, assembly lines for milk systems, packing and shipping systems, different types of programmable controllers and databases, linking through networks and HMI systems, and more. Among other things sterilization of CIP systems, integration of communications networks, and full maintenance of systems was performed.

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