Control and Automation

Providing solutions in the control and automation field that include:

-Surveying and defining existing automation plans in the company, accompanied by a write-up of the system operation summary while placing emphasis on the problems that require a solution.
-Defining the clients demands and needs and detailed planning of the new arrangement according to the client’s needs
-Selection of equipment and customization of hardware, while adhering to timelines, a budget and standards which have been defined by the client
-Performance of a simulation and a FAT test along with the client in the company offices or on the client’s site.
-Operation and testing in the field, including systematic integration until client satisfaction is achieved.

Similarly, the company is involved in industrial applicative program development for projects in Israel and abroad, control equipment supply including equipment from Rockwell, SIEMENS and Pilz, installation of communications networks and implementation of projects up to a KEY-TURN level.

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