Our success is measured by the success of our clients.
Aidr Control Ltd., a company that deals with supplying and applying solutions in the field of automation and control, has performed complex and unique projects for its clients which have helped them work in a more efficient and innovative manner, while gaining a significant advantage over their competitors.
The professional services the company provides are the implementation of a number of critical steps, in which commercial and technical resources are involved. These steps are personally customized for the client and represent a successful production of service and technology. Among the select clients of the company, there is an impressive list of the leading companies in Israel such as Agan Chemicals, Tnuva, Intel, the Israeli Electric Corporation, Dead Sea Works and the list goes on.
The collaboration between Adir Control Ltd. and its customers has yielded a high quality and successful product,  the results of which are expressed daily in the clients’ products. The following is a list of the select projects that Adir Control Ltd. has been involved in:

Agan Chemicals – Consultation services and integration of systems
Tnuva dairy farms – development of programs, regulations of processes and handling additional
projects in which Adir Control Ltd was involved: